FutureTech AV Integrations
Commercial Applications
FutureTech ties together complementary technologies to make all commercial spaces effective and impactful. By implementing audio, video, teleconferencing, lighting, digital signage, and more. Future Tech creates spaces that meet organizational goals and budgets.
Commercial Design Considerations
Site Environment
Site factors that will affect your technology design include room size, ceiling height and type, windows and lighting, available wall space, seating arrangement, type and location of furniture in the room, ceiling obstructions (such as sprinklers, lights, etc.), space above the ceiling (between the floors or roof), power and network outlets, and much more.
Ease of Use
A visual communications solution must not be complicated or cumbersome, for otherwise its use will be limited and your ROI hindered. Therefore, FutureTech is vigilant in selecting appropriate equipment for the application and performs initial and refresher training for its users to ensure proper utilization and adoption.
Network Environment
Network considerations are a vital component of the design approach as there are advantages and disadvantages to both ISDN and IP networks. To determine your best visual communication solution, FutureTech will consider the existing network environment, short and long-term network strategies, who the client will communicate with, location of remote sites, usage volumes, firewalls and security concerns, bandwidth preferences, and so on.
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FutureTech AV Integrations
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