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Residential Applications
FutureTech custom designs simple to use and elegant audio and video systems for any space of your home. We bring you the latest innovations in premium home automation with solutions that perform well and compliment your décor.
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Home Automation
Systems for music, video, lights, climate, and security have become more intelligent, enabling you to easily operate them from a smart phone, tablet, keypad, or touch panel. Effortlessly listen to your favorite music from any area of the home by pressing a single button or set the lights and shades to create ambiance for entertaining in your kitchen and living area. While at home or away, you can view surveillance cameras, unlock the door if your child forgets the key, or set the temperature all from your mobile device. Smart home technology adds convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. Solutions are available for new construction and existing homes.
Integrated Systems
Your life is simpler and your West Texas home functions better when all your smart products and systems work together within a home automation system. Imagine coming home and pressing the “Welcome” button to deactivate the alarm, turn on lights, set the perfect temperature, and play your favorite music. If remotes are piled on your coffee table or your walls are cluttered with banks of switches, knobs, and panels, let our integrated solutions help streamline your space and reduce frustration. With one intelligent, reliable, and user-friendly device, anyone in your family can operate the entertainment system, lights, thermostats, shades, or security system. It’s time to enjoy the power of complete control.
Home Theater Systems
Enjoy the thrilling world of home theater entertainment with high-end audio and video systems installed right in your own home. From simple flat-screen TVs to the most high-tech equipment, our experienced team will work with contractors, electricians, and carpenters to custom design a theater system that you, your family, and friends will enjoy in the convenience of your own home.

Imagine—with the push of a single button, the lights will dim, the projector will light up, and your jaw will drop as your home theater experience begins!
Outdoor Living Spaces
We can bring your favorite music, TV, and movies outdoors and makes it all easy to access and use. Outdoor audio and video options range from basic stereo systems to full outdoor theater systems.

We professionally locate most of the audio/video components remotely indoors and offer seamless control of them from RF handheld remote controls, or even in wall touchscreens.

We install the highest quality outdoor speakers that are combined with authentic environmental design to transform your outdoor space into a sound paradise.

We can also install true all-weather outdoor LCD TVs that deliver superior brightness, while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures, and UV rays.
Distributed Music Systems
Audio Distribution systems send music to any room in your home via a central processor or matrix switcher. The days of a volume knob on the wall are long gone. Control of your music is simple and intuitive by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld RF remote, iPad®, or similar Wi-Fi smart device. Whether the speakers are placed in the walls, ceiling, bookshelves, shower, or pool, they can be designed to aesthetically blend in to minimize visual impact. If you cannot have wires reach to a location, no problem! We have wireless solutions that enable you to enjoy your music from anywhere. You will need fewer components since a single music server or a Pandora station from your smart phone can be shared in one, several, or all the rooms of your home.
Prewire of Low Voltage Systems
Not sure if you should prewire your house? Quite simply…Yes!

Building a new home is a fun and exciting time that requires much planning. Homeowners spend numerous hours choosing the style of cabinets, lighting fixtures, floor finishes, and paint colors. While these are the things that define the home, most of the important decisions to make are things most often over looked, like plumbing, electrical lines, HVAC, and most importantly low voltage wiring. While these systems are straight forward in installation, the low voltage deployment is quite critical for making your residence go from a house to a Smart Home. Leaving this task to electricians can often yield to headaches in the future, and most homeowners became dissatisfied with their home wiring when they decided to add multimedia systems, which then created higher installation costs to correct the wiring.
Residential Network
A network is a home’s central nervous system for all communications and control. We will help lay a solid and reliable foundation that is robust for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s with a thorough network installation for your home. We will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all your system needs including your TV, music, security, control system, and mobile devices connected on the network in a smart home. A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection you desire.
Motorized Shade Control
With motorized window treatments, you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home to increase comfort, save energy, and protect interiors. Motorized shades and drapery transform a harsh glare into soft, pleasing light while also enhancing privacy, preserving exterior views, reducing solar heat gain, providing UV protection for expensive furnishings and artwork, and providing the ability to change daytime into nighttime for restful sleep with a simple press of a button.
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